Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits

Quality Assurance

Yeast, yeast nutrition and antimicrobial consistency are critical for ethanol production by fermentation.  Poor fermentation costs ethanol plants thousands of dollars in lost production each year.  Non-utilized starch creates many ancillary problems in distillation and downstream processing.  One poor fermenter drop can cost a plant its entire year’s yeast expense.  For these reasons, Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits strongly recommends that ethanol producers understand product quality testing when considering any fermentation adjunct.

LBDS takes quality assurance very seriously and helps its customers mitigate the risk of poor product performance due to poor quality. LBDS R&D and Technical staff have worked together to devise the ethanol industry’s most comprehensive and relevant quantitative and qualitative testing methods that are performed on each batch of yeast produced. Our yeast “stress testing” protocols are industry-leading qualitative methods that ensure every batch of our yeast will hold up to high temperature, osmotic pressure, organic acid levels, and ethanol concentration associated with modern ethanol production.