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Bio-Ferm® XP

Bio-Ferm® XP is a uniquely produced proprietary high performance yeast derived from a Non-GMO Strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Bio-Ferm® XP is a premium yeast that is optimally suited for the batch production of fuel and industrial alcohol. Bio-Ferm® XP demonstrates exceptional fermentation characteristics in terms of its ability to tolerate high temperatures, high solids (osmotic stress), and ethanol toxicity.

Bio-Ferm® XP is the premium, highest performance dry yeast manufactured to the industry’s highest standard. Benefits of Bio-Ferm® XP Premium Yeast when compared to Bio-Ferm® XP and other conventional yeasts:

  • Bio-Ferm® XP demonstrates an aggressive mid-to-late fermentation kinetic in laboratory testing and commercial process studies. This unique kinetic fosters competitive exclusion of infectious bacteria in mid to late fermentation when control is difficult.
  • Bio-Ferm® XP consistently provides a more “complete” fermentation in laboratory testing and commercial process studies by depletion of available carbohydrates.
  • LBDS performs very comprehensive quantitative and qualitative quality assurance on Bio-Ferm® XP to offer industry leading consistency and reproducibility when used in ethanol fermentation.
  • In the production of Bio-Ferm® XP, LBDS utilizes its SYNER-G Manufacturing Process, whereby it effectively controls the propagation, nutrient profile, and other production parameters to offer a product that is optimally suited to withstand the stress factors commonly associated with ethanol production


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