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Featuring extreme robustness and the fastest fermentation kinetics we’ve ever offered, FermaCore™ Propel is a true breakthrough designed to maximize ethanol yields and increase enzyme replacement — leading to lower carbon intensity.



Experience the Fastest Fermentation Kinetics Ever Offered

FermaCore Propel radically reduces fermentation time, allowing you to process more fermentations per year with more ethanol going out the door. The increased speed of the process also decreases early bacterial growth in fermentation and lessens the need for propagation.


Attain the Highest Yield Potential

FermaCore Propel’s high fermentation rate — combined with its ability to completely convert sugars into ethanol with more efficiency and lower glycerol production — allows you to optimize your yeast dosage to maximize yield.


Maximize Enzyme Replacement

FermaCore Propel expresses high amounts of glucoamylase (GA), reducing the need for supplemental GA and additional input costs. Our tests have proven FermaCore Propel requires 55-70% less supplemental GA than comparable yeasts on the market.


Power Through Stress Factors

With FermaCore Propel’s extreme robustness, you can run more efficient fermentations in the midst of major stress factors, such as elevated temperature and bacterial contamination. The ability to combat heat and bacteria keeps your process more consistent from season to season and decreases the potential for hygiene-related yield loss — even in conditions with significant lactic acid generation.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

FermaCore Propel produces more ethanol with the same amount of carbon as competing yeasts. With it, you can decrease your plant’s carbon output and improve your sustainability goals.






Integrate FermaCore Into Your Plant With MAPS

Our Mobile Application Process System (MAPS) is a mobile lab service we provide for on-site testing and process optimization. You can utilize MAPS to help seamlessly integrate FermaCore Propel into your facility, reducing delivery time from development to application.





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