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Thermosacc® Dry

Thermosacc® Dry is an active dry yeast for use in fuel ethanol and beverage alcohol fermentations. It contains a selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae distillers yeast in a highly concentrated and stable form. Thermosacc Dry was selected for use in high-gravity fermentations at high temperatures and high sugar and alcohol concentrations. It works well at temperatures up to 98°F (38°C) and alcohol concentrations of more than 20% by volume (16% by weight). High concentrations and temperatures improve productivity and efficiency by producing more alcohol in less time. Thermosacc Dry tolerates high levels of organic acids and is well suited to use in “zero discharge” fuel ethanol plants. Thermosacc Dry produces a low level of fermentation by-products and is suitable for many types of beverage alcohol.


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