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The Alcohol Textbook

The Ethanol Technology Institute, led by Scientific Director Dr. Graeme Walker, publishes The Alcohol Textbook and conducts both The Alcohol School and Biofuels Academy. The 6th Edition of the Alcohol Textbook is now available. Click here to order your copy. There is no better tool for understanding the ethanol industry as The Alcohol Textbook.

alcohol_textbook_picThe Alcohol Textbook, 6th Edition, available now!
A reference in distilled spirits, fuel and industrial alcohol industries. Edited by GM Walker, C Abbas, WM Ingledew, C Pilgrim. Hardcover $275
The Alcohol Textbook, now in its 6th edition, remains the definitive reference book on the subject. Volume pricing is available to educational institutions purchasing whole carton quantities of 5 or more.
Copies of The Alcohol Textbook 5th Edition are still available for order.

To order the Alcohol Textbook 6th Edition, or to request more information, please fill out the form below and Liz Ward, our Documentation Specialist, will contact you to finalize the process.

Alcohol Textbook 6th Edition