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The Biofuels Academy

The 2023 Biofuels Academy May 8 – 12, 2023
Sheraton West Des Moines
West Des Moines, IA

This four day program is designed as The Practical Workshop for Ethanol Plant Operators and is organized around lectures and troubleshooting exercises, where classroom theory is put into context.

The lectures are designed to cover the complete processing areas, consisting of raw materials through distillation and coproducts. To support the program, laboratory and functional demonstrations will be conducted as part of the training. Troubleshooting and case studies are also discussed, along with the needs for proper documentation control and baseline studies. The Biofuels Academy is designed to help with the education of the workforce in the ethanol industry. The goal is to educate people that have the day-to-day responsibility to produce ethanol most effectively and efficiently as possible. This school offers a practical solution for the education need in the industry.

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View the agenda for the 2023 Biofuels Academy (PDF)

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